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deαr diαry..

Saturday, November 24, 2012
three weeks have passed and i was like... @ 6:12 AM

voila people. it has been a week (quite) since i posted my previous post. hmm sorry k coz i was so busy with errrr sleeping zzzzz haha like a boss okayy. hmm since now is raining season, so i spend most of my time watching animes and japanese dramas ihiks and sleeping like a snorlax zzz. then i went to many wedding kenduri. and after a few moment i would feel like "mum, let's go back home. it's crowded here n i feel annoyed with people's glares" nyiahh that's me. okayy and at the same time my homeworks haven't finished yet i still sleeping and watching animes like a boss -.- haha this is what we call pemalas tegar or whatever you call it hahaha.

ohhh a few days agooo my father brought us to the tutti frutti franchise in pekan jitra 2. kayyy he said he would treat us, soooooooooo me as the ice cream lover, WOULD NOT miss the rare chance yayyyy. then after asar, we headed to the destination and as we reached the place, i rushed in like there is no tomorrow (?) hahaha my mother and sister could only shook their head seeing my childish attitude. my father asked me : "sedap ke kat sini?" and i answered : " kalau tak sedap, takdaklah akak datang sini selalu." then my father said he would like to taste some. i muttered "self service okayyyyyyy" hahaha anak apa ni taknak tolong ayah. luckily, i told father to bring his tab and laptop along before that. so while we enjoyed our delicious froyo, we also surfing the internet via wifi. hmm hmm sedap tapi kena pulak dengan sejuk aircond, rasa macam nak beku haha -,- nasib internet lajuuuuu kalau tak buat bengang ja. then we stayed there for almost 2 hours and kami tak lupa nak tambah for the second time wewuwewu rezeki wehhhh jangan ditolak. bukan selalu ayah nak belanja nii. tapi en, yang aku dissatisfied sangat ni, ada 4 orang minah dok usha aku main laptop. dok jeling jeling apa taktau. -.- my parents also noticed them staring at us. jelly kut. entahlah. 

hmm aku pun still in the process downloading anime. pejam celik pejam celik dah 3 minggu cuti. one more month and the school will reopen. and i will be a form 5 student. arghhh SPM. this word is frustrating me the most. i still worse in addmaths, physics and chemistry, how can i keep up in ONE year? duhh these killer subjects sure are killing me *zombie* memang la nak dapat straight A+ tuu impian semua orang, me also included, but it is not an easy task people. easier said than done. wuuuuuuuu i need to work harder and harder until i die *screaming* kalau results dapat elok boleh la dapat segala benda yang aku nak wewuwewu~ 

k im done.

hurmmmm recently aku baru checked my saps, and guess what? results aku _______!! haaaa fill in the blank yer teman teman HAHAHA k aku taktau apa yang aku merepek ni. ignore me please Y.Y uhuk nak naik amethyst tapi disebabkan aku ambik ict, so aku pasrah haha ayat takleh go derrrrrrr. 

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