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Monday, March 17, 2014
new year. new me. new interests lol @ 5:43 AM

BONJOUR PIHPEL OMG IT HAS BEEN A LONGGGGGG TIME SINCE MY LAST POST TvT how many years has it been yawwww oh let me guess emmm two years i assumed? lol put that aside. last year was a hectic year for me yeah yer know i had to prepare for mah SPM examination. and now the exam is over n the only thing is i hav to wait for teh result LIKE SERIOUSLY 3 DAYS MORE TILL THE DAY WHEN THE RESULT WILL BE ANNOUNCED OMG curse that. how time flies =="  and here i am, already reaching 18 although unofficial harhar i am a grown up already people, a grown up. *proud* after this i will be awayyyyyyyyyyy from my warm house, my cozy bed *tsk*, my beloved family and hometown *crying a sea* . hahaha buat teruk betul drama je lebih pfftt. as if someone is going to read my post harharhar-hambar kayz. 

okay okay enuff with teh blabbering zzzzz okay may i declare myself an otaku, i mean not the hardcore one, just the mild? kah kah lately, emm about 2 or 3 years ago i fell deeply in love with anime and manga and i was like SERIOUSLY?! hahahaha i grew up with those things around me. my father also bought naruto cds fer meh hahaha my father is so understanding muackkzzxxx sayang ayah. l lerb yuh to the infinity and beyond her her. amd now i am so obsessed with them that everytime i heard a converstion related to anime and manga, i got hyped up and excited like hell hahahaha. unfortunately, i dont have otaku community or pals around me so..... just let it be. i am so pathetic sobs. but now i do have one hihi we do spazz bout anime frequently zzzzz hahaha luckily i am multilingual : chinese, malay, english n still on learning, japanese hihi. i learn japanese by myself thank god they are related to chinese so learning them is much easier :D besides anime and manga, i do like kpop, but you may not consider me a kpop fan cuz i only prefer some of kpop bands like CNBLUE and BIGBANG. only the two i mentioned above, precisely. i also like watching running man cuz the variety show is so hilarious and funny! sometimes i laughed my lungs out hahahahaha. i do watch japanese dramas but my preference are romantic comedy, school life and romance. i do not prefer yang sedih sedih, jenis tangkap leleh sebab boring zzzzzz hahaha. my obsession towards books also worsens hahaha i just love books. how can you not love them? 

okay last but not least i aim to be a pegawai diplomat or what you call an ambassador. did i spell it correct lol forget it. hehehe since i love learning foreign languages very much, why don't i give it a try? i want to learn korean, spanish, french, german etc.. hihi idk why but i just love learning them. it's fun, don't u agree? hahaha if not i will pick biotechnology. it is the choice i have and interested in. well let's wait for the result first cuz the result will decide everything, including my life, my future and my career in the future zzz. 

that's all people.

hmmm sejak cuti ni my only activities are eating, sleeping, chatting on twitter, watching anime, reading manga zzzz so lifeless. now i am still learning driving car hm lambat lagi nak dapat P pun zzzz. padan lah badan makin besar ==" hahaha takpe i have started jogging heh heh sape nak gemuk zzzzz.  

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