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Sunday, December 5, 2010
world war 3. @ 8:55 AM

world war 3?? 
what does it mean??
well,nama pun perang dunia ke-3 kan??
::awat kata cmtuh?::
heh.sebab bila dihitung,dah genap seminggu saia melancarkan perang dingin nan ayah saia.
saia tw saia berdosa sebab xbercakap nan ayah saia lebey dari 3 ary.tp nk wt camna??egomaniac.xleh nak wtpa la.
bila flashback balek,rasanya dh 4 kali saia melancarkan perang dingin nan ayah saia.
hoho.it's so terrible.
but i can't help it.he hurted my feeling.and when i get hurted,i'll upset and will not talked to each other.
well.who can bear it?of course nobody can bear it.including myself.
heh.(what am i talking about??)
  pa yg saia ngarot neyh??
ignore me.please.
mama saia kata gate tuh mereka akan pasang ary sabtu neyh.
awat lama sgt??!aduhh.ta bole tahan laa cmneyh.!
saia nk p melancong!!
i want to enjoy my school holiday at cameron,genting and KL!
aduyaii.busann laa!!
i just want to leave this house and going somewhere!
kena terperap kat umah selama seminggu!
i hate it!
saia xkira!saia nk p melancong jugak!
no matter what will happen!!
no objection!
sebarang bantahan akan bolayan!

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