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Monday, April 21, 2014
journey of my life has started @ 2:50 AM

9 days more and april will come to an end. how time flies. alhamdulillah i have received my spm results on 21st march and guess what?? i ain't going to tell yer my result. never. nehi. nuh-uh. i'd rather keep it to myself. apa apa pun alhamdulillah not bad although the result is not like what i expected. biaq pi lah benda dah lepas anyway and there is no way turning back. all we can do right now is move on and create a miracle in the future. berpandangan jauh gitu ye. if Allah wills, i will pursue medic. itu je yang aku rasa course yang suitable dengan aku. i loathe engineering cuz of the mathematics zzzz i despise mathematics since form 1 herher can't help it. plus, biology seems quite easy. all you need to do is just memorise the human's body structures, cells, organs, systems bla-bla hafal je pun kakaka. i FAVOUR chemistry over biology, to be frank. i have been accepted into msu in shah alam and if Allah wills too, i'll register myself on tis 5th may. that means the journey of my life has started. living independently, adapting myself with the surrounding, meeting and knowing new friends, those are challenges that i have to go through after this. inilah perjalanan hidup acewah nak tak nak haruslah kita terima. takkan selamanya nak berkepit bawah ketiak mak kut. don't you agree people?

DAMN SMOKING KOGAMI SHINYA HBYCUGDWCDUJMOW IS FUCKING HANDSOME I TELL CHA. this is so unfair. why smoking male anime characters LOOK WAYYYYYYY TOOO COOL, HANDSOME, SEDUCING, APPEALING THAN IN REALITY i would rather live in anime world if that is what it takes TTvTT i feel blessed urgh *nosebleed* kogami shinya ftw. \m/ my favourite manga will be adapted into anime this year, gekkan shojo nozaki kun and will be aired THIS JULY SHITTTT WHY JULY SOBS I CANT WAIT. WHAT IS PATIENCE PFFTT. and lots of my favourite anime will be having sequel OMG IS THIS OVERDOSE LMAO i feel blessed sobs. dengan nak studynya dengan nak anime-nya hahaha my life sure is hectic. herher. this is how i enjoy my life dude. busy with my otaku hobby. idc what people will say about my hobby, "ewww u're a freak" or "dude get a life how can u love anime i mean they are cartoons for entertainment purposes" HAH BITCH PLS TALK ALL YOU WANT CUZ I DON'T EVEN CARE

im dying here. SEBASTIAN IN PAIN LOOKS SO HOT AND SEDUCING *v* this is what i call eye candy wiwiwiwi i want sebastian to be my groom and my husband and the father to my children HAHAHAHAHAHA WTF. ok ok enuff after this maybe aku rajin sikit nak update blog almaklumlah busy kalah menteri en hahaha apakah. oklah til here sebab rasa otak harini terbejat sikit.kakaka bye.

adios people.

tadi belajar bawak kereta habis tangan kanan aku burnt aku mcm wtf hitam sebelah urgh ingat senang kut nak putihkan balik pfft i hate this. terribly hating this. GIVE ME BACK MY FAIR SKIN JSBYGNIOQM!!!!!

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